Year of Birth



We live in a world of constant news, and let’s be honest, mainly negative ones. We are overwhelmed by the amount of information to watch, listen, and absorb. In addition to this ever-growing influx, we have never been taught which elements to prioritise, and which ones to sweep away. And we definitely don’t have the capacity of assimilating everything. And if we do, we go numb.

In order to make themselves heard, media are constantly adapting their way of transmitting information. Nowadays, the most important feature to make sure they be heard is to transmit continuously, to vulgarise, and to summarise.

Because people don’t have time. Or they don’t take the time.
But actually, anyone would take the time to watch something they choose to see. This is why it is essential to put ourselves in the audience’s shoes. Where do they want us to bring them, and how ?
This is where storytelling comes in. Because of its ability to foster identification to the protagonists, the connection with the subject is not anymore limited to a stranger who lives something noone can relate to. It creates empathy.
Storytelling goes beyond facts. It carries another level that arises from reality, and connects every human to a same emotion, whatever background, education or current state of mind they might be in. It unites.

People have been telling stories for as long as they exist. Using different means, but always to stimulate feelings.
In a world where we are easily disengaged with what seems far or unknown, we need to gather even more. Storytelling is a powerful tool to help activate the emotions that makes people remember that we have more in common than we think.

This is why I believe that storytelling. Through its capacity of embodying information, even the most hidden stories get a voice, because they create an echo deep inside. And I might be naive, but I think its thought-provoking ability can trigger social or political change to make the world more inclusive.



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