Highlights of Nepal: from the heights of Himalaya to the plains of Terai

It seems that time is really flying, and I'm trying my best to fly with it - each moment passes by in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, I find myself writing about my "highlights" even though I don't quite feel ready to leave.

Each project I visited was different - from human rights to agriculture, from waste management to education. It really gave me the opportunity to understand the country from many different perspectives and people.



Geographically, I found myself climbing over 3,000m - hiking to a remote project, it was only a week later I was roaming open plains that were at sea level. In this sense, seeing the contrast and diversity of landscapes is definitely a highlight of my journey. I experienced many breathtaking landscapes when I was travelling Jumla, Nepal.

Read about my stories that relate to forest and agriculture:


Culture and Religion

It was fascinating to the seamless way that religion and culture blended into Nepali's daily life. In particular, Hindu and Buddhist traditions are rooted in the country's history.

In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, I was able to celebrate Buddha Jayanti, which is the birth date of Buddha. I went to the temples and it was full of energy, life, and celebration. I also had the chance to visit Lumbini (in Terai region), where the Buddha was born.


Meeting with Young Girls and Women

In each country, I find myself drawn to learning about the stories of girls and women. Perhaps it's because I am a woman, but more than that I see how it is harder for women to speak out, and hearing their story is an opportunity to give them a voice.

Read about an ancient Hindu practice called Chhaupadi that discriminates women. In this story, I try to bring to light the different voices of women who have practised Chhaupadi.


I am so grateful for my time in Nepal. It is has been a "healing" journey... unfortunately or fortunately, I spent several days in the hospital to recover from an insect infection. During those days in the hospital, I had the time to fully rest, recovery and reflect on how incredible the Faces2Hearts journey has been so far. I am grateful to close my time in South Asia with a deeper understanding of the region having spent nearly 6 weeks in Bangladesh and Nepal. Now I am moving to a region and country, again, unfamiliar to me - Central Asia! Uzbekistan here I come!

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