Right to play: Celebrating the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

When you hear the word "Sport", what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Fun, physical exercise, pastime, competition, entertainment...well sport means many things for different people, but it all comes to one point : its power to bring people together and inspiring them. On the 6th April of every year, the world comes together to celebrate sport as a tool for development and peace. This week, in occasion of that very day, we were challenged to showcase a sport activity that takes place in our community, and talk a little bit about it.

In the communities that I am visiting, I find children to be the best witnesses of pros of sporting. I am currently visiting Santa Catarina region, in Sao Tome and Principe island, where children do not have access to adequate sporting environment. But this does not prevent them from playing some games such as "riding a tyre", that are most of the time inventions of their own creativity. Playing is a right for children. Apart from entertaining them, it is a good way to exercise, thus helping in the enhancement of both physical and mental development of every child. It also is a good way to connect and open up to their environment.

Happy International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

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