Sister for Sister: A Special Relationship to Support Girls in Education

If you know me, you’ll know that I love my younger sister. She’s my only sibling, two years younger, and we’re best friends. I think that the fact we’re both girls and are close in age, helped glue our relationship growing up. I’d like to think that I support her and push her into adventures, while she keeps me grounded and balanced. We always did arts and crafts together growing up.

With that background in mind, you can understand why this programme Sisters for Sisters initiative, feels near-and-dear to my heart. This programme is under the “Partnership for Equity and Access in Kapilbastu” (PEAK).

The programme pairs one older girl (big sister) with four younger girls (little sisters) and the big sisters support the little sisters through different activities like reading or studying together.

Sisters for Sisters programme

Most of all, this project is focused on girls because, compared to boys, girls are at a much higher risk for drop out. After speaking with the different project partners, families, and teachers, it seemed a consensus that girls in this area don’t often go to school past Grade (or Class) 5.

Sisters for Sisters is under the “Partnership for Equity and Access in Kapilvastu Global Action Nepal” (PEAK!) Project. Together, the aim is to support girls in education and the tackling the challenges surrounding it.

PEAK! is also supporting out-of-school children with education through a programme called Gyan Batika or "Garden of Knowledge".

“All of my younger sisters are very special. I know how difficult it can be to stay in school as a girl. That’s why I am a big sister. It’s important that I keep in contact with their parents.”

It was a touching experience to meet the older sisters. I could really feel that they formed a special relationship with their younger sisters. When I asked one of the older sisters what are the names of her younger sisters, she immediately listed them all in one breath. When I asked her how often she sees them, she smiled big and told me, "every day when we walk to school together". I could feel a sense of joy and confidence glowing from the older sisters.

I am reminded of the importance of friendship and mentorship for young people as they are developing.

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