The sport you probably don’t know about – Vitilla

A few days ago me, Lauren, Jean Luc and Ellie were asked to photograph a traditional sport of the community we were currently visiting. If you watched my last take over on @europeaid's instagram you probably know that I got robbed in Lima and lost all my equipment and documents, which led me to come back to my hometown to get new documents. A few days ago I got my new camera and decided to step outside right away and capture a very traditional sport we have. But first I want to give you some background...

You've probably heard about the American Dream, right? Well, there's also a Dominican Dream and this is it: as soon as kids can walk, throw and grab a bat, they'll start practicing vitilla or baseball. The dream is to become an outstanding player, get signed by a professional league, receive a big cheque and get your family out of poverty for good. The vitilla is pretty much a popular variation of stickball. Instead of a bat a broomstick is used, and instead of a ball a water bottle cap is used. That water bottle cap is called vitilla, that's why the sport gets the name. Even though is very rustic, it's extremely difficult to hit the vitilla because of the inconsistency of its trajectory and its size. According to some, that's something that helps our baseball players to be more accurate when batting.

As well as any sport, this is important because it gets kids and teenagers together in a healthy environment, and is usually the first step for achieving the Dominican Dream that will change and improve their lives if accomplished. Would you dare playing some vitilla if you come to the DR :)?

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