Uniting through Education

I arrived at the ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Secretariat based in Jakarta, Indonesia to discover the voices of students who are recipients of the SHARE Scholarship.

Simply, SHARE Scholarship is an EU supported programme that gives young ASEAN students the opportunity to have an exchange at a different ASEAN scholarship.

Southeast Asia is one of the most fastest-growing regions in the world and if you've travelled through the any of the ASEAN countries, from the streets of Cambodia to the waters of Vietnam, you can feel an energy that is different than other places of the world. With a population of over 630 million, the region is without a doubt a hub of opportunities, challenges, and... young people.

Investing in Young People

SHARE Scholarship is realising the importance of young people and giving them the unique chance to study aboard for one semester in another ASEAN University. I am inspired that the EU supports this programme, it is a testament that there is a priority to enhance cooperation between the EU and ASEAN nations and most importantly, support higher education.

Personally, having the chance to study abroad changed my life, and I don't say that lightly or as an overstatement. Living in an environment outside of what was "comfortable" for me, not only broadened my perspective but it provided a safe space to meet other people from around the world and exchange cultures, beliefs, language, and hobbies.

When I spoke to the students, I was touched and inspired. I smiled with each testimonial as I felt like I was looking at the future leaders of ASEAN and the world.

SHARE students from Malaysia

Making an Impact Towards the SDGs

This is Jazmine studying Food Technology at Indonesia Universtiy. I asked her why she chose Indonesia and what she wants to do with her studies in Food Technology.

“Since Indonesia is mostly a mostly Muslim country, and in the Philippines is mostly Catholic. Their religion was quite unknown to me. I wanted to experience something new.”

She continued to explain her motivation for studying, which included her passion towards making an impact towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Her aim was to make a positive impact towards eradicating poverty and zero hunger.

Open Minds and Hearts

Student from Vietnam studying
Student from Lao PDR studying

Strengthening the ASEAN Identity

What I hope for is a united ASEAN identity and that, like these students, people are proud of their countries, cultures and traditions, yet they are open-minded about discovering their neighbouring countries.

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