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There is infinite magic and power in storytelling. It can take you from the screen of your phone to meet people from across the world, discover how they live, what they believe in and advocate for. And that might just change your life.

As a film student in the UK, I felt strongly that film and photography are powerful means for sharing social messages. During a fellowship to India I used photography to show the ambition of women and girls, and to highlight the importance of development initiatives. To better focus my storytelling on the challenges facing the world today and shared solutions, I pursued an MA in humanitarian action and project management in Paris. I went back to India to work in project development with a grassroots NGO. In the last two years I worked with the OECD on gender in fragile states. These experiences stirred my curiosity for new places and the problems that people face - including forced migration, conflict and climate change - and for international and local approaches for addressing them.

Along the way I kept telling stories. Stories about people who fled countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea and South Sudan, made dangerous journeys to Europe and started afresh in Paris. The stories were shared with the community through a photography exhibition called ‘Heroes’ in Paris, where the ‘heroes’ photographed attended as well. I witnessed the magic of storytelling when the refugees and the public networked and developed collaborations. Storytelling started a dialogue that led to support towards the cause from the community. This is where its infinite power lies.

I want to continue telling these stories. They touch everyone, from citizens and civil society to governments and policy-makers. They can take us on a journey of outer and inner-discovery. A journey of change. They can influence our perspective and what we choose to support. Storytelling has the power to remind us that we are all connected and we are stronger when we stand together.



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