The Coffee In Ethiopia

I'm one in a million.
No, that's not me randomly bragging. What I mean is that I don't drink coffee!
There, I said it. I know it instantly makes me seem unrelatable to most people. But the truth is that I've never enjoyed the effects of caffeine and tend to avoid it as best as I can. Coffee, black tea, sugary sodas, they're all off the menu for me.
That is until I arrive in Ethiopia. It's the only place where I enjoy a cup of coffee like the rest of our society. The local brews are a dark, strong and taste vaguely of hot chocolate. Don't even get me started on the sweet smell that lingers in the air like a velvety hug for your senses.
But in Ethiopian society coffee isn't just a delicious pick me up. It lies at the centre of everyday life, from the ubiquitous coffee ceremony to the more familiar concept of modern Starbucks-like coffeeshops. Coffee has a long history that is as rich as its taste.
So naturally I had to investigate. How did the humble coffee bean rise to stardom and give birth to one of the most popular beverages in the world? In the video above Beki Kibret, an Addis Ababa local, explains the legend behind it...

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