Global rainbow foundation: empowering individuals with different abilities

"We believe that, we should not be looking at the disabilities in the people since every individual possess other abilities, and that it is what we rather want to be focusing on."

These are the words of Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen, Founder-President at Global Rainbow Foundation, who I met during my first visit in Mariutius . The project, sponsored by the EU and DCP (Decentralised Cooperation Programme), aims to empower people with special needs and vulnerable groups through Education & Training, in order to leave a happy and rewarding life with dignity and respect in the local and global community.

The GRF provides different services within the infrastructure, such as :

- Medical Consultation
- Occupational Therapy
- Psycological Consultation
- Physiotherapy
- Paediatric Consultutional Therapy
- Multi Sensor Room
- Blind Massage
- Workshop

(Prof. Armoogum Parsuramen, with part of the staff)

So as you can imagine, having all these services in one centre makes life a lot easier for the patients, especially for those with disabilities who often travel from far. While talking with the staff, I found out that many elderly people suffered from diabetes, which often lead (if not taken in time) to the amputation of the arts. "Most of the patients are over 60 and 70 and need more psychological support than others", said the psychologist to me.


   I was amazed when told that the prosthesis are made of recycled plastic.



It's here that I met Malboruk Curtis (man in the white t-shirt), 40 years old, who had an accident in 2013 and lost his right leg. I asked Malboruk how long it took him before he was able to walk again with his prosthesis and when he told me a month, I just couldn't believe it.

"My wife doesn't work and I have kids and so I had to learn fast to make sure that I had money for my family.  It was hard at the beginning of course, but when the mind is strong, nothing can really stop you."  He said, while smiling to me.

Malboruk used to work as a driver and thanks to his prosthesis he can still drive but since his life has changed, he decided to commit to something else, something more meaningful. He flew to Jaipur for the training, to learn how to make prosthesis and he came back to Mauritius to work in the lab at GRF and help others. I find his story extremely inspiring and motivating especially for those who face similar struggle and have the opportunity to be supported and helped by somebody like Malboruk.

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