Zimbabwe, an explosion of colours

When leaving Mozambique, where I had a wonderful time, I was really excited about moving to the next country: ZIMBABWE.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to a new country each time. I am so excited about learning new things, meeting people, listening to some inspiring stories, tasting different flavours, seeing more colours and of course getting to know a new side of myself, which I didn't know about until then.

So after almost 10 days I can really admit it: Zimbabwe has stolen my heart.
I am in love with the heat of the sun on my pale cheeks,

in love with the blue sky that reminds me of Rome,

in love with the shades of green and blue of the landscape,

in love with the endless thatching grass along the roads,

in love with the mountains, in love with the wild animals and their voices and most of all in love with the energy of the people.

Whenever they ask me "why do you love travelling so much?' I ALWAYS answer: I love travelling for the humans I get to meet along the way.

I love travelling for the stories I get to listen to and for the ones I end up sharing.

I do not know what my future job will be after this experience, but all I know for sure is that I WANNA BE WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE.

When we meet someone for the first time we meet ourselves for the first time too. I firmly believe that encounters are the key for the preservation of our species. They are what keeps us alive.

When we open to something new we learn and when we learn we empower ourselves and when we empower ourselves we grow.

And I feel that I have been learning so much from the people of this country. They have been giving me something so special that I almost feel guilty for not being able to give back.

When they told me that level of unemployment here is close to the 95% I just couldn't believe it. Whenever you think about a country with such a high level of unemployment the first things that you really think of are tension, desperation, a high level of crime and hostility.

When you look at the numbers you straight away think about a certain reality but when you walk around the streets, you see another one. And this is because people here simply get on with their lives.

I have heard stories of some young, smart graduate Africans finishing their studies and ending up selling tomatoes on the side of the roads because the country is not able to provide them a better job.

So instead of sitting around and complaining about it, they get on with it and move on. And what really amazes me the most is that, the moment they move on, they choose to wrap themselves with dignity, strength and a smile which has really the power to inspire.

My time here has been wonderful, and I cannot wait to share more photos and stories with you.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful Sunday!


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