I used to dream about going one day to Africa.

Then, one day, that dream became reality and I started packing my backpack. I took a long flight and finally let the soles of my shoes kiss Mama Africa. So here I am.

As some of you know, I am a photographer, a storyteller and an unstoppable traveller.

Since I was little, all I can remember was spinning the globe next to my bed and dreaming about going on a long trip around the world.

So when this opportunity came knocking on my door, I was simply over the moon.

I had already committed to travelling over the past year, so the idea of now combining it with collecting stories of people with different culture, religion, and background - who have been receiving help through some incredible projects funded by the European Union - was honestly all I wanted.

Travelling with the idea of meeting new people, exploring new places and flavours makes me happy.

But travelling with the AIM of helping people, sharing stories and making this world a better place for EVERYONE - well, that definitely makes me THE HAPPIEST.

Above you can see me with Saquia, one of the ladies from the Tufo local dance, whom I met whilst visiting my first project in Mozambique.

Dancing with her group to the rhythm of the Batuque percussion and watching the dust rise into the air from our stomping feet is a memory that I will hold in my heart forever. I am really looking forward to meeting more "faces" and sharing their stories with you.



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