Highlights (2.0) of Perú

So, this is it. After many, many lessons, my journey in Perú has come to an end and I couldn't be more grateful about all the things I experienced while being here, this is why I decided to highlight my best moments in this article and share it with you.

#1. Accomplishing a dream

Probably 10 years ago while watching channels like National Geographic or Discovery Channel, I remember thinking how cool would it be to get inside an indigenous community. Here I got the closest experience to that when I visited the Nomatsiguenga community in Satipo. After a 12 hour night bus, getting there was totally worth it.

Stephanie and her sister watch cartoons in an old TV. Even though they use some types of technology, kids as young as 2 years old are bilingual. They speak Nomatsiguenga and Spanish.

Besides this dream becoming a reality, it made me really happy to know what this indigenous community, receives support from the EU through the Programa de Desarrollo Alternativo en Satipo (DAS). Since their reality has changed, due to land invasion, drug cartels taking over, climate change, and poaching, they've been forced to look for other ways of income. DAS is teaching them how to do so.

#2. Visiting Cusco!

Since I started my F2H journey Cusco has been of the places I've been most excited about and it did not disappoint. I started perceiving its magic as soon as I started walking its old and beautiful streets.


Máximo made my time in Cusco very special. He showed me traditional instruments like the quena (the flute he's playing here) and the bandurria.

Oh, and by the way, this happened...

I got to pet Panchito and Martin, these fluffy alpacas!

#3 Getting to know these association of traditional weavers.

In times where our memories are pretty much inside some type of memory card or the internet, is easy to often forget that around the world, some people carry with them ancestral knowledge just in their minds and with that comes the big responsibility of keeping that knowledge alive and passing it to the next generation. I got to meet a few of these culture warriors in Pitumarca, Cusco. They're part of a group of beneficiaries of a project developed by ASPEM and financed by the EU.

Keeping their culture and art alive is what allows them to receive income and sustain their families.

So as you can see, it's been a fun and colorful stay in Perú with lots of beautiful interaction, but my journey must go on.
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