Tea Country: Exploring Sreemangal

There aren’t many foreigners who venture to Bangladesh for travel but this country has a lot to offer. What surprised me was being able to experience natural and open spaces. I took my last opportunity to leave the hectic, never-ending honking, traffic-life of Dhaka to explore perhaps a more “well-known” area of Bangladesh for tourists. […]

Discovering Dhaka the Capital of Bangladesh

Before arriving in Bangladesh, I didn’t know what to expect. There was little I could find online about travel within the country, and for the most part, I felt it would be intimidating to be a solo female traveller. Each new encounter, my perceptions of the city and of the country changed. Despite practically not […]

The Journey of Coffee and Dance

In an earlier post, I shared my first impression of Flores Island and some of the first faces I met while visiting the villages – now I invited you to follow along with this post for a more insightful look into the details about two aspects of the culture Manggarai culture that captured my attention […]

Meeting Mama Emiliana and Other Handicraft Makers

One of the first people I met after arriving in Flores Island was Mama Emiliana. It was new to me to hear the word ‘Mama’ as a way to call older ladies. It was always Mama + their name. There is a special connection that forms when I can say Mama in front of their […]

The Land of a Thousand Smiles: First Impressions of Flores Island

Arriving in Flores Island felt like I could take a big, deep breath of fresh air. It was perhaps one of the most contrasting places I could have gone to from Jakarta. Flores Island is perhaps more globally known for the land that is rich in beauty and biodiversity. The marine environment surrounding the island […]

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