Concrete Jungle of Jakarta

After a long journey from Fiji, I finally arrived in Indonesia (my forth country on the journey). Continue to read this post for my first impressions of Jakarta! Jakarta To say Jakarta is a “busy” city is quite the understatement. Jakarta is a bustling, alive and sleepless city. If it’s not cars and motorcycles that […]

Top 3 Moments in a Fijian Village

You can call me “Lo”! This was the nickname given to me in the village for easy of pronouncing and remembering. I’m thinking I should just keep introducing myself as Lo – what do you think? I had the opportunity to board a ferry and leave the main island of Fiji, Viti Levu, several days […]

Today’s Catch: Food, Fish and Fruit in Fijian

Eating seafood, fresh seafood, was the best part of my food experience in Fiji. When I was living in a village on Ono Island, we had fish present at almost every meal, even once at breakfast. From parrotfish to lobsters, and mussels to prawns, it was incredible! I was surprised at how plentiful the fish […]

Navigating Local Transport: A Ferry Journey to Kadavu Island

In the past 2 months, I have had some interesting encounters with local transport. I have had 10-hour bus rides, cancelled flights, bus rides that just don’t shop up, motorcycle and tuk-tuk journeys… I look back and laugh but I remember in those moments feeling exhaustion, disappointment, frustration, and looking up at the sky and […]

Soft Coral Capital of the World: Diving in Fiji

I arrived in Rakiraki late Friday afternoon. The drive on the main road zig-zagging from Ba Province to Ra Province was breathtaking. Since it is currently rainy season, the grass was vibrantly green. The mountains, hills, and field were covered with lush tropical vegetation. I was dropped off at the very north-west tip of Fiji’s […]

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