Found in Translation: Bula means Life

Before even stepping off the plane to Fiji, I heard ‘Bula’ greetings all around me. A warm smile accompanied each ‘Bula’. Bula is a word that originated from the Fijian culture and means hello and much more. It simply translates to life. The idea that each ‘Bula’ greeting is tied to life itself is both […]

The Roads And Waters Less Travelled: Highlights of Cambodia

My experience in Cambodia was incredibly meaningful. In three words Cambodia people are: compassionate, smiling, generous. Of course, not all people I could describe in this way, but my impression was that the people had sincerity in their heart when I arrived. It was such a humbling experience to be able to interact with different […]

Found in Translation: “the water in my heart has fallen”

Before starting this journey, I realized that almost all the country that I will be visiting in the next several months will have a different native tongue than mine. Everyone says “lost in translation”, as if hopeless that so much remains in a space between unknown and known; but for me, I don’t want to […]

Retracting History with Technology

A mobile app called “Khmer Rouge History” was developed by several Cambodians to recount and teach the history, rather than silencing and denying this past. The app was launched in July 2017 and in the past several months, the writer and developer of the app have been travelling across to reach out to students. An […]

Goodbye Laos, Hello Cambodia

I say goodbye to Laos with my last project visits in the north-eastern province of Houphan. I will never forget the flight I had to take to return to the capital city. It’s not really sensible to drive back with over 650 km of road. I have travelled 100 km of “off the beaten” roads […]

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