Open your heart to Africa!

The more I travel, the more I think that traveling has the power to heal people not just to educate, as I once said. Why? Because the moment we step out of our comfort zones, we realize that the things we worry about in life become less important than the things we see, feel, and […]

Voice to the young girls and women of Africa!

I was so excited about visiting the project “Raising Voices of Young Women and Girls” funded by the EU and implemented by Soul City, Masimanyane and Women’s Net. As a woman, I always feel it is my responsibility and my right to be part of such an important topic: gender equality. As we come to […]

Zero tolerance to violence: EU, TVEP & MPT

SO MUCH GRATITUDE One of the things that I love the most about this project is the opportunity to interact and connect with kind-hearted people and one mission: make this world a better place. I find it incredibly inspiring and motivating working with these individuals, even if for a short period each time. I feel […]

Climate change is real

Global warming is real, and it is affecting everything and everyone on this planet. The effects deriving from this issue do not have instant impact on our world, but rather happen gradually which unfortunately makes a lot of people doubt whether climate change is real or not. During my time here in South East Africa […]

Zimbabwe, an explosion of colours

When leaving Mozambique, where I had a wonderful time, I was really excited about moving to the next country: ZIMBABWE. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to a new country each time. I am so excited about learning new things, meeting people, listening to some inspiring stories, tasting different flavours, seeing more colours and of course […]

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