A little girl called Salma

This is Salma. A little girl I met yesterday on a sidewalk of the street of Matola. Whilst everyone is walking, dancing and speaking this little girl and I get to share a moment that I will definitely never forget about my time here in Africa. Salma looks at me in a way that only […]

“Dançar me faz esquecer todos os meus problemas “- “Dancing makes me forget about all my problems!”

Saquia has a big smile. One of these contagious smiles that has the power to brighten your face. She started dancing when she was 12 years old, at her uncle’s party, and since then she has never let her feet rest . Saquia has two sons and four grandchildren. When I think of her as grandmother, […]

Wouldn’t It Be NICE

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world free from corruption? That’s exactly the question NICE poses to Malawian citizens. It’s safe to say the country has its fair share of corrupt officials. This is true of just about any country on the face of the Earth, of course. But throughout this region of […]

Highlights From Tanzania

It has been three days since I left Tanzania, but it still has a firm grip on me. The mere thought of it puts a smile on my face. During my three weeks there I got to see a wide range of projects and met more inspiring people than I can count on my fingers […]

The Quest To Marry For Love

When I was a little girl, I used to fantasise about my fairytale wedding with my friends. Some of them had it all figured out. One wanted to ride in on a pony and eat nothing but cake for dinner. Another dreamt of having the reception inside the actual Disney castle, and wearing glass slippers […]

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