Water Of Life For South Sudanese Refugees

“Maji” means water in Swahili. It is also the name of three refugee settlements in northern Uganda. Much like water, these communities are a life source for those who live within them. There are a few. Uganda is home to more than a million South Sudanese refugees fleeing war in the neighbouring country. Let that […]

The Batwa People’s Struggle For Tomorrow

The story of Uganda’s Batwa tribe is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking. These short-statured Pygmies used to lead a peaceful existence in the ancient woods that stretch across Uganda and Congo. Known as the “keepers of the forest” they lived in harmony with nature, hunting and gathering as our ancestors had many millennia before […]

Dancing At A Funeral In Uganda

Would you believe me if I told you this video was taken at a funeral? Yesterday I got to visit a settlement of South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda, and as we were approaching I noticed a lot of movement. Hands waving, feet stomping, the air alive with high pitched ululating. As it turns out […]

My Favourite Portraits From Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a lot of natural beauty – towering mountains, elaborate churches and jaw-dropping scenery. But its biggest asset are its people. I don’t want to dwell on external appearance, although as you’re about to see Ethiopians are blessed with stunning faces and enviable bone structures. The important part is the strength they project through […]

The Coffee In Ethiopia

I’m one in a million. No, that’s not me randomly bragging. What I mean is that I don’t drink coffee! There, I said it. I know it instantly makes me seem unrelatable to most people. But the truth is that I’ve never enjoyed the effects of caffeine and tend to avoid it as best as […]

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