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Jury members

Ariel, Ellie, Jean-Luc and Lauren

2018 edition vloggers

Ariel, Ellie, Jean-Luc and Lauren are the first generation of Faces2Hearts bloggers. They were the lucky winners of its first edition and had the chance to travel and report on EU development projects for 5 months in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and Latin America.

Discover more about how Faces2Hearts has changed their lives.

Sara Fonseca Silva

Social media and campaign manager

When she is not travelling, she is creating content. Sara studied journalism and audio-visual and multimedia sciences between Coimbra, Madrid and Lisbon. In the past two years, she has been working for the European Commission’s department for International Cooperation and Development as social media and campaign manager.


Caroline Grasso

Audio-visual consultant

Caroline is an audio-visual consultant with extensive experience in reporting and presenting EU political debates for well know international TV channels. Video journalist with 15 years of experience, she has been covering EU affairs in Brussels for the last decade. Prior to that, she has worked as a foreign correspondent for a major Latin American TV channel in Mexico and has also worked as a consultant for various European Institutions.


Keith Yuen

Professional traveler

Inspired by his father, Keith loves embarking on solo travels and to-date, he has visited 95 countries. As a professional traveler who is based in Singapore, he covers travel content in both traditional and new media locally and internationally. Keith is not new to #Faces2Hearts campaign as he supported us last year, as well. He believes this project will be a great platform to share his experiences and help inspire young minds with his travel tales.

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