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Social media has empowered everyone to become story tellers. For a country like Bhutan where there is only one TV station, the digital platform has empowered creators to develop unique local content that travels to audiences all over the world. I started creating travel content from Bhutan because I had always felt that we didn't have enough stories coming from Bhutan by local Bhutanese. So I launched my travel channel through Yeewong, the magazine that I launched back in 2008. Through these videos it enabled me not only understand so much more about my own culture but also get the attention of audiences at home and abroad.

There's so much that can be shared through storytelling. From breaking stereotypes, educating to taking readers and viewers on an immersive experience, good stories can change preconceived notions and open our minds to the idea that we do live in a diverse world but a beautiful one too.



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