Year of Birth



Storytelling has the power to create emotions on us. Everyone has a personal story. Sometimes we are so sucked in into story, that we forget to connect to others. We forget to share and help one another. We forget that there is help that could make our life easier. We are so sucked in into our life that we believe that we can only count into ourselves. When someone has the courage, and the opportunity to tell their story, many hearts would relate and feel touched by it. These emotions are based on the feeling of connection, on the feeling that we aren’t the only ones, on compassion, and/or on learning about someone’s life experience, which can help us make better future decisions. Someone’s storytelling can have a ripple effect of courage into the world. Whether we can relate or not to a story, by listening to someone telling their story we will feel more compelled in telling what matters to us as well, sharing our pains and our motivations with others. That can be of a vital help. It can help us feel understood and if we are the ones telling the story it can help us by externalizing the story and feel less responsibility over it. Listeners can offer their observation that might be from a different perspective. It can also help us greatly when we receive compassion from others. Compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy, a concern and an automatic wish to get out of our way to help one another. By receiving compassion, we feel that we matter. Receiving compassion is a necessity in us. Also, by telling our story we grow our network on the support that we need in life. This is only possible if we share our story instead of keeping it to ourselves. If we believe that our story doesn’t matter, we will simply not be heard and in turn lose many opportunities in life to connect and let the people know what is important to us. We also miss an opportunity of making an impact because all of us matter. Storytelling connects us, gives us courage, and improves us.



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