Year of Birth



I've always believed that the news informs us, but it is stories which inspire us. Stories help us connect, relate or empathise with a person we have never met, stories can transport us to a place we have never been. It's those compelling stories which allow our emotions to come alive, and without storytelling, it would be hard to imagine a world outside of our own. Storytelling truly has the power to take a person on a journey, to share in the moment; and that power is unrelenting and magical.

Whether it's through words, video or photos, I genuinely believe that storytelling will always be the best way to shape our world. The power of a single sentence, or one picture, can never be underestimated and as our world because more visual, I worry sometimes we are looking for the perfect photography, rather than the passionate story. But in a world saturated with content online, it's the human connection and these stories that still shine. One video clip can change the conversation on single-use plastic or an interview with a family in a war-torn land that can force protest. The power of storytelling can never be underestimated, and when done right, it can make people stand up to fight for the change they want to see, to make their planet a better place.

I believe as humans, we have a craving to learn, understand, and work together to fix our injustices and celebrate our successes, and by bringing stories home to our own communities, we all benefit.

It's an honour to be in the position to share those stories, and honesty, integrity and respect are the keys to doing so truthfully. I hope to be a part of this project and uphold those three fundamental values while creating the most engaging stories I possibly can. Stories that people will remember, and share with their friends, as stories should keep being told until they have the right ending. Media is truly a force for good when done well, and it's essential that storytelling focuses on the grand and small.



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