Year of Birth



Culture is what differentiates us from any other species on the planet. Culture is the way we are, and the things we create to exist, and that implies having the opportunity to make decisions about the world that surrounds us; and the communication, the communicators or storytellers, are in the cultural field.
Communication, in the context of the internet and social media, are the present and the future. What is not shown to the public, could not exist. And what is shown with images, exists in a more visible way, because we are surrounded by viral images and videos. Our opinions are conditioned to what media want to show, tell or hide. And our opinions and identities build society. Understanding communication as a living process capable of creating interaction and social networks is paramount for the construction of a fair, healthy society with respect for human rights.

We can follow stories, all the time. In instagram, facebook and youtube millions of people are uploading content every second. But the question is: what kind of stories are we showing to the world? Are we seriously showing the stories that matters? Are we releasing stories that were never told? Storytellers, with a smartphone in the hand, now have a power, the power of the communication, not only to transmit a message, but the power of changing perceptions that can change the world.



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