Year of Birth



Our stories are a reflection of our thoughts and the life we wish to see and transform. Stories are supposed to be windows and not walls, it is what gives our lives more meaning and reflects our daily hurdles. A life without stories is meaningless, there won’t be no continuation and impacting of knowledge and cultures. There won’t be a better reason for living a purpose. Our stories are to inspire and raise awareness on the most intriguing parts of existence, bring to light that which is concealed and disregarded. It is to give meaning to everything that looks and seems meaningless. It is to give people a reason to appreciate life and the blessings it comes with, to uncover mysteries and talk about the issues people are afraid to point out.
A good story is one that makes the reader visualize and live every word of it. A story’s greatness should be seen in the reader’s reaction and expressions. While reading a story, a reader can relate to the writer’s style through the messages conveyed, the stories woven and the characters created. A writer is not always a storyteller, we are storytellers in our own way. Be it a journalist, a motivational speaker, or a leader. Stories have their own way of presenting themselves to us, it is left to us as to convey the message to help teach and motivate others using our stories.
Our stories change narratives. It gives people an unfathomable meaning to topics and issues. One of the strongest ways to connect with people, either your audience or listeners is to tell compelling stories to give ideas more meaning and a deeper connection. Telling good stories makes your ideas more credible and trustworthy. Our lives revolve around stories. Recently WhatsApp came with a status feature for people to highlight their daily activities, come to think of it, this feature has given millions of people the opportunity to share their daily stories in the form of videos and images sending short but meaningful messages that would not have been possible.



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