Year of Birth



We live in a world full of extraordinary stories but few story tellers. While there are many narratives of success, dealing primarily with high flyers, brands and organizations, the ones who actually need a voice are still unheard. A gap exists between these affected communities and people. Their unheard narrative results in our lack of understanding. A story well told can be a catalyst for action and change. Vloggers and story tellers before me inspired my journey. That’s when I realized that it was time to pack my bags and set out on my own journey. Every story I heard, made me want to tell one of my own. As I put my own tales out there, they resonated with other people. As my following increased, people on the internet reached out for more. Today, I have over ten thousand followers across various social media platforms. I realized perhaps I too was a story teller. I believe that as soon as a good story is told, it co-exists in the imagination of the narrator and the listener. When you share stories, there is a sense of making yourself vulnerable. Yet that is what creates connection which has a high emotional impact and the ability to influence. With the power of story-telling that resides within us, we can bridge the gap between communities around the world. I have come to see myself as a spotlight on neglected people and issues; poverty, conflict and migration need a voice. Effective story telling might just be the solution to these challenges as it brings these issues before the world’s leaders and organizations. Each time we tell a compelling story, someone out there is influenced to take action. Every person has a unique story to tell. Let’s work towards giving them a voice.



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