Year of Birth



We are storytelling creatures. Stories we tell we see as part of the broader truth. Characters of movies and books become part of our reality. At the same time, it’s sometimes easier to devour truth from stories, than from facts.
I became a filmmaker for that reason. I want to tell stories that matter, but which are also interesting for people.
Last year, after graduating film school I did a journey of my life. I travelled across Indonesia for 3 months. This is a truly spectacular country, spanning across thousands of islands, with many cultures, religions, cuisines and nature marvels. I did this trip because I was suffering a lot from what I call a „graduation crisis”. During this journey I made series of short documentaries. My camera became my eyes. Thanks to a focus for stories and people I created by making the decision to do this series, my life changed.
Stories can change the world on many levels. First of all they change my viewers. I traveled to remote places, I lived amongst completely different cultures. My viewers had a chance to experience life of Lombokian muslim families or Flores tribes. Suddenly, by watching a film in which you see their every day struggle, you see real people who you can empathize with. They are no longer some threat from abroad as depicted in mass media. This kind of personal documentary has a bigger power then traditional television because of it’s honesty.
Secondly the film changes the filmmaker and his protagonists. A new bound is created. You become a family. My brothers and sisters from Lombok write to me every week to see how I am. I think about them. Maybe we live in a world with nothing more to discover, but we can still travel to discover ourselves through eyes of others.
To build a better world, we really need to change hearts of single people. We can only do that by making meaningful relationships, by speaking to each other and finding new ways to understand each other better. Films and stories are perfect for that.



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