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I lived my entire life with the conviction that my videos, that my life, has to be at the service of the improvement of the society in which we live. After a school in Digital Film Making at SAE Institute in 2012, I decided to specialize in documentary at the Civic School Luchino Visconti in Milano, exactly for this reason: to acquire the necessary skills to tell a story able to open the peolpe minds!

I went to the refugee camp in Greece trying to use my knowledge to start a campaign to finance the food supplies of a structure that receives migrants (
In my home town I worked for the Naga Onlus ( where we organized living library between migrant and citizens, because the only way tho open people mind, is the identification with a story.
In Ethiopia we cross the entire country riding three tuk tuk with the aim of realizing a documentary promoting road safety and support charity projects funded by Italian government and UN. (
Here in Zambia I’m promoting the travel low as act of Emancipation, Independence and Freedom, because it’s a right that everyone should have, especially in a country where nobody travels ( and with the southern Africa feminist Group, I’m creating a series of documentaries that face old believes and practices that force women into a position of inferiority.

But to answer your question about why i think the storytelling has to be used to build a better world? Honestly there is no rational motivation to describe this believe, is just a necessity I always had, a need derived by a personal moral demand.



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