Year of Birth



Since we wake up till the end of the day, we are hit by media that reminds us what are the negative events happening in the world. By the time I used to watch the news in my country I could feel my days turning grayer. Didn’t just feel sad or powerless about the number of negative happenings around my country, but also disappointed about the incapacity of the media to communicate positive stories.

A survey from the American Psychological Association found that for many Americans news consumption affects directly to their mental health. This just proves how powerful media is in any society. For worst, but luckily also for good.

During my time photographing United Nations projects in field, I met many people in a vulnerable situation that, just with a little push from the organization’s projects, managed to find the way out of extreme poverty & achieve a sustainable development. Thanks to all these stories of change I discover the power of positive storytelling on humans.

After the release of any video, photograph or article containing these stories, spectators would tell how inspiring the stories were for them, wake an interest towards the community and taking action by supporting the project. For me those reactions have always been a very rewarding part of the job. However, the most fulfilling one was when I’d witness the protagonists of these stories seeing themselves at the camera screen, not able yet to believe they were the stars of a great story built by them.
The fact that the communication products I produced with my team could empower those communities by making them understand that their voices matter, is simply priceless. A living proof that communicating stories of change can have a huge positive impact on people, either spectators & the main characters of those stories.

Storytelling is powerful enough to inspire people to action, empower communities & to change someone’s day or life for better; the world definitely needs more of it.



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