Year of Birth



Can I tell you my story? My name is Nelly dos Reis and I was born and raised in Rotterdam a city based in the Netherlands. Both of my parents we’re born and Raised in Cape Verde and moved to the Netherlands at age of 19.

What I love the most of Rotterdam is that the city if full of story’s. Because of our history but also because half of the population here has their roots elsewhere. My daily inspiration comes from the diversity in this city.

Since I was a little girl I was always fascinated by people. The first question that would come up in my mind was … who are you? What is your story?

I could just stare at a stranger and wonder what was on their mind, where were they heading to, what did this person eat before he/she left the house, what drives them every day. Now that I’m all grown up and I still have this curiosity but now I can translate their story into vlogs that I make for a local tv station in Rotterdam. This way I can use my vlogs to tell storys to a much bigger audience. A story of hope of love a story that might inspire others and maybe change their perfective of life.

Trough my work at the Rotterdam Community Theatre I get the opportunity to hear amazing stories every day and this way I get a peak in someone else’s life and get the chance to know them better. What I’ve recently found out is that capturing stories is something that comes back in every part of my life. This is also my favorite part of my job because I get to give all different kind of people a chance for them to tell their stores through different art forms.

Even though we are all so different we are all equal in more ways than we realize. I honestly believe that we can change the world by telling stories because it’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story!



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