Year of Birth



It’s all true. The horror and the beauty. The kindness and the cruelty. The exceptional and the ordinary. The simple and the complex.
Everything is happening at once, daunting, overwhelming, exciting.
There’s so many of us. So different, yet, so alike.
Thrown into existence fragile and dependent, destined to learn from each other… And we do. Do we?
We talk, write, record, share; taking the risky leap that aims to reach someone else, elsewhere.
Once and a again.
It’s hard to tell success from failure in the quest of communication.
But I believe that in order to stand a chance, we need to make our greatest effort.
That’s what I’m here for.

I remember when I first realised I was a storyteller. It was at University. Our professor talked about the power of stories and I felt goosebumps I remember to this date. I had never thought about myself as a storyteller. Suddenly, I saw all my seemingly diverse activities were various ways of telling stories. Flash forward 10 years and it continues to be my drive. After travelling and travelling, listening and listening, recording and recording, I know that we are all facing related issues. Regardless of the role or luck we’ve been born into, we can’t avoid to be affected by what happens to others, close or far.
I believe in the power of storytelling to communicate this sense of unity and foster empathy. Once we get someone’s attention, we can find the key to their heart, and that’s a priceless key. People’s characters and ideas are carved by circumstances. By taking the time to understand how and why we’ve each evolved the way we have; we can begin to build bridges that allow us to collaborate and create a more sustainable, fair and joyful world for everyone. Sincere, good, real stories are, in my opinion, the natural first step in this direction. They can take us from fear to understanding, from intolerance to empathy, from isolation to the awareness of our interconnectedness and right there… that’s where hope begins.



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