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Storytelling begins with the stories themselves—stories that are each unique, like the thumbprint of our identities. There is nothing more powerful than a real and genuine story. Stories allow us to travel through time and space—in the blink of an eye, we can be taken to a new world and a different reality.

We build a better world by sharing stories about people who are resilient and stand tall in the face of adversity. How powerful are the stories that can help us see both the injustice in the world and the real-life heroes who are turning those injustices around? Stories have the power to take away our apathy and indifference to the suffering and inequalities. Stories help us understand that behind the pain there is beauty and behind the beauty there is pain. Stories help us understand humankind’s diversity and connect the many realities that we experience in this world.
When someone experiences the power of storytelling, they are being pulled into the narrative—the words and images are able to grab them by the heart and an emotional connection is formed between the storyteller and the listener—the power of storytelling is making a connection, instilling hope and inspiring action. The path to a better world begins with us, with the stories we tell and the stories we listen to.



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