Faces2Hearts in ARGENTINA – Difficult words are important! Environmental Governance in Salta

27 / 09 / 19

“Environmental Governance” may sound confusing and hard to understand. But difficult words can be really important.

We visited the High Calchaqui Valley in Salta, Argentina, to learn about this EU funded project Fundación Runas and Fundación Grupo El Abra are starting to work on.

Environmental Governance means the joint work of public and private institutions together with the laypeople to develop sustainable development strategies for this vast, beautiful region.


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Nelly is a Dutch vlogger, presenter and an aspiring actress. She is well travelled but she has never set foot in South America. She is looking forward to experience Argentina and to tell all the Faces2hearts viewers the amazing stories she and Muriel pick up along the way. Muriel is a freelance media creator originally from Argentina. She has been a digital nomad for more than 3 years and is excited to go back to her home country on such a fun and heartwarming mission. Follow their upcoming trip around Argentina in September!! They will show you breathtaking landscapes, inspiring stories and all the fun and challenge they encounter along the way.
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