F2H in CABO VERDE : On the road

29 / 05 / 20

For one month, we have traveled across 6 islands taking planes, ferries , fishermen’s boats, and pick ups, across breathtaking landscapes, to bring you back stories of beautiful human beings working hard to improve the life conditions of Cabo Verdeans.

The 8 projects we visited are all proving the efficiency of the European Union’s support to positive initiatives worldwide.

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Music: – Never Say No by Clarence Reed – Leaving Serengeti by Ooyy

These are Bruno from Cape Verde and Alisha from Belgium. They are both well-travelled due to relatives spread across the world. They both studied abroad and got out of their comfort zone many times, which made them adaptable and easy going. They share passion for the ocean and can’t help dancing when they hear afro or Latino beats. They will take buses, boats and planes to cross seas, hills and volcanoes, to bring back untold stories during the month of October. Finally, they will show you how EU-funded projects, on no less than 5 islands of Cabo Verde, helped improve the quality of life of Cape Verdeans.
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