Faces2Hearts in JAMAICA: Meeting the ‘Stone Boss’ and the Artisan Minerals Programme!

12 / 02 / 20

Today we are in Trench Town, Kingston, meeting Egbert Hamilton, known as the ‘Stone Boss’.

Mr Hamilton has been been producing amazing artwork since 1969 from the Alabaster stone. Now, supported by a small grant from the European Union development fund, in partnership with the UNDP, he is better able to support trainees and youth to develop their own skills. The funds have also supported new machinery to increase productivity.

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England-born Dan will travel from his hometown in Portugal to join Jeana in Jamaica in February. They will explore the Caribbean island together to discover the work the European Union is doing there. Dan and Jeana are both bold inviduals who know how to make the most of any situation. They share a love of photography and can't wait to show you their journey.
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