Coming Home

29 / 02 / 20

This is a story about love, protection, care – the meaning of family. There is a specific group of vulnerable children who grow up in Myanmar without the protection of a loving family. Orphans, street children, or children who are in conflict with justice, traditionally end up in monasteries or state institutions, so called training schools. These schools lack the most basic needs in health and hygiene, and do not offer the support and protective environment a child needs to grow up.


‘My Childhood, My Right’, an EU-funded project, implemented by Terres des Hommes, focuses on the right of each child to grow up in a loving and caring family. The project aims at creating an effective alternative to institutional care for vulnerable children. Reintegrating children among their families or communities is a priority. Orphans or children whose family setting is not suitable for reintegration are supported by quality alternative care options such as foster families or kinship care.



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Monica and Sil are traveling to Myanmar in January. Monica is a Peruvian photographer with a passion for social and underwater photography, and Sil is a Belgian PhD researcher with a passion for diverse connections between humans and nature. Together they will take you on an unforgettable adventure, an emotional journey to unexpected places where they will meet inspiring people who are at the hearts of communities working to create positive change. Follow Monica and Sil while they discover projects, funded by the EU, and experience stories of beauty and resilience behind the faces of Myanmar!”
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