Faces2Hearts in Myanmar: Change In The Garment Industry

07 / 06 / 20

The garment industry is widely known for its bad reputation as one of the worst environmental polluters, with inhumane, unsafe working conditions, and gender based violence. It is an industry driven by fast fashion and most of us take part in it.

But, there is change! This is a story of how the garment industry in Myanmar is changing through new social and environmental laws. There is a catch however, most factories are unaware of these new regulations or don’t have the capacity to comply. This is where SMART Textile & Garments comes into play.

SMART is an EU funded organisation that helps factories with social and environmental compliance. SMART founded as well the Sunday Cafe, which is a place where garment workers, mostly women, can come to meet other garment workers, have fun and be themselves, but also become educated and gain the confidence to stand up for their rights in their working environments.

For more information on COVID-19 & the ‘Myan Ku’ Emergency Fund: https://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/myanmar-burma/80194/eu-myan-ku-fund-distributes-first-billion-payments-over-12900-garment-workers_en


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Monica and Sil are traveling to Myanmar in January. Monica is a Peruvian photographer with a passion for social and underwater photography, and Sil is a Belgian PhD researcher with a passion for diverse connections between humans and nature. Together they will take you on an unforgettable adventure, an emotional journey to unexpected places where they will meet inspiring people who are at the hearts of communities working to create positive change. Follow Monica and Sil while they discover projects, funded by the EU, and experience stories of beauty and resilience behind the faces of Myanmar!”
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