Our Right To Be

30 / 01 / 20

After decades of military dictatorship, many people in Myanmar have stopped believing in justice.

MyJustice, an EU funded flagship project, partners with local organisations to bring justice back to the most vulnerable groups in Myanmar.

Worldwide, the LGBTI community belongs among one of the most marginalised groups. Also in Myanmar, laws criminalise and restrict LGBTI people from expressing their identity. Often, they are victim of physical, psychological, mental and sexual abuse – at home and in public.

We meet with the LGBTI community in Mandalay, Myanmar, where activists and victims of gender based violence share with us what justice means to them and the ways they are striving to improve access to Justice for their fellow LGBTI community.

This is a painful story, but also a story of togetherness, healing and searching for ways forward in order to give hope to future generations of LGBTI. It’s a story of changing public opinions and laws that prevent people from being who they are.

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Monica and Sil are traveling to Myanmar in January. Monica is a Peruvian photographer with a passion for social and underwater photography, and Sil is a Belgian PhD researcher with a passion for diverse connections between humans and nature. Together they will take you on an unforgettable adventure, an emotional journey to unexpected places where they will meet inspiring people who are at the hearts of communities working to create positive change. Follow Monica and Sil while they discover projects, funded by the EU, and experience stories of beauty and resilience behind the faces of Myanmar!”
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