Community Fisheries Reserves in Kaza

13 / 07 / 19

Community conservation fisheries in Kaza is the European Union funded initiative that helps the establishment of community-based, sustainable management systems for fisheries, thereby improving food security in the area.

Freshwater fish play an important role in the daily livelihood of rural people within the Kaza area.
Due to an increase in human population, commercialisation and destructive fishing methods and gear, this has brought about a decline in the fishery. This leaves the local communities in danger as the reduced fishing catches makes it difficult for them to catch enough fish to safeguard their daily source of food.
This project seeks to protect the livelihood of the community within the Kaza area.

One way in which they have done so is by setting up guidelines for setting up Fisheries Reserves.


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Konrad, a filmmaker from Poland and Sibongile, journalist from Namibia are two strong characters who will join forces to tell amazing stories about EU development projects in Namibia in July. Expect a lot of laughter and intensive storytelling.
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