Woman taking the agricultural lead in Kavango region

21 / 07 / 19

Farmers Club, this is a Development Aid From People To Peaple (DAPP) Namibia’s intiative which is being funded in part by the European Union. This EU-funded project looks at climate smart agriculture for improving the livelihood of small-scale farmers in the Kavango region, in Namibia.

The aim of project is to increase agricultural productivity and improve food security of small-scale farmers and their families. This is meant to diversify food options for the community whilst improving their nutrition as well as providing other sources of income to them.

The majority of beneficiary in this project are women; they make up 90% of the group.


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Konrad, a filmmaker from Poland and Sibongile, journalist from Namibia are two strong characters who will join forces to tell amazing stories about EU development projects in Namibia in July. Expect a lot of laughter and intensive storytelling.
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