EPISODE 6: Rural Workers

09 / 09 / 19

In August 2019, in the case Cáceres v. Paraguay (introduced by a family of rural workers), the United Nations Human Rights Committee has found Paraguay responsible for failing to protect individuals from toxic pollution caused by the agriculture industry. The said case, however, is not an isolated example of environmental issues in the context of rural workers in Paraguay.

To make this situation better, alongside other organizations, the NGO Diakonia (whose activities are funded by the European Union), is providing various forms of support to the affected rural workers.


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Sonja and Diego are traveling to South America in August. Diego is a professional videographer and presenter who warmly captures people's stories through the eyes of his camera. Sonja is a great storyteller who enjoys connecting with people through music and projects with social impact. They would like to welcome you on their journey of discovering faces, hearts, experiences and landscapes of the heart of South America, Paraguay.
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