Faces2Hearts in THE GAMBIA: Women farmers find more benefits in owning individual gardens

08 / 12 / 19

Working on communal gardens can be difficult, as not everyone is always ready to do the extra work. These women have been given the opportunity to have their own farms with the support of United Purpose and WASDA. We are looking at how they are operating on their own, now that they have the opportunity to be self employed!

The pilot project is being implemented with funding from the EU.


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Fatou is a reporter and anchor at The Gambia radio and television services. She will be joined by Guillaume, a travel filmmaker from Belgium. Together they will be traveling The Gambia in December and are super excited to embark on this journey to discover and tell the untold stories. As ardent producers and vloggers, it will be a period of self-discovery for both, and an opportunity to report beyond the ordinary.
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