Discover our vlogging duos

Each of the 10 duos will travel individually over the next 10 months (one month per duo) to a faraway land living the lives of locals and sharing their experiences every step of the way.

You will be able to follow them on our website as well as on our social media channels.


Konrad, a filmmaker from Poland and Sibongile, journalist from Namibia are two strong characters who will join forces to tell amazing stories about EU development projects in Namibia in July. Expect a lot of laughter and intensive storytelling.


Sonja and Diego are traveling to South America in August. Diego is a professional videographer and presenter who warmly captures people's stories through the eyes of his camera. Sonja is a great storyteller who enjoys connecting with people through music and projects with social impact. They would like to welcome you on their journey of discovering faces, hearts, experiences and landscapes of the heart of South America, Paraguay.


Nelly is a Dutch vlogger, presenter and an aspiring actress. She is well travelled but she has never set foot in South America. She is looking forward to experience Argentina and to tell all the Faces2hearts viewers the amazing stories she and Muriel pick up along the way. Muriel is a freelance media creator originally from Argentina. She has been a digital nomad for more than 3 years and is excited to go back to her home country on such a fun and heartwarming mission. Follow their upcoming trip around Argentina in September!! They will show you breathtaking landscapes, inspiring stories and all the fun and challenge they encounter along the way.

Cape Verde

These are Bruno from Cape Verde and Alisha from Belgium. They are both well-travelled due to relatives spread across the world. They both studied abroad and got out of their comfort zone many times, which made them adaptable and easy going. They share passion for the ocean and can’t help dancing when they hear afro or Latino beats. They will take buses, boats and planes to cross seas, hills and volcanoes, to bring back untold stories during the month of October. Finally, they will show you how EU-funded projects, on no less than 5 islands of Cabo Verde, helped improve the quality of life of Cape Verdeans.

The Gambia

Fatou is a reporter and anchor at The Gambia radio and television services. She will be joined by Guillaume, a travel filmmaker from Belgium. Together they will be traveling The Gambia in December and are super excited to embark on this journey to discover and tell the untold stories. As ardent producers and vloggers, it will be a period of self-discovery for both, and an opportunity to report beyond the ordinary.


Monica and Sil are traveling to Myanmar in January. Monica is a Peruvian photographer with a passion for social and underwater photography, and Sil is a Belgian PhD researcher with a passion for diverse connections between humans and nature. Together they will take you on an unforgettable adventure, an emotional journey to unexpected places where they will meet inspiring people who are at the hearts of communities working to create positive change. Follow Monica and Sil while they discover projects, funded by the EU, and experience stories of beauty and resilience behind the faces of Myanmar!”


England-born Dan will travel from his hometown in Portugal to join Jeana in Jamaica in February. They will explore the Caribbean island together to discover the work the European Union is doing there. Dan and Jeana are both bold inviduals who know how to make the most of any situation. They share a love of photography and can't wait to show you their journey.

Sierra leone

Kirstie and Esteban are traveling to Sierra Leone in March. Esteban is a filmmaker from Spain and Kirstie is a North Carolina born writer based in Sweden. They have both done a lot of travelling, but neither of them has ever visited Africa… That is, until now! Next year, they are heading to Sierra Leone for the visual storytelling adventure of a lifetime. Join them in March 2020 as they explore amazing landscapes, experience a different culture, face new challenges, and meet inspiring people. They can’t
wait to share all of their stories from the road with you!


Ludo and Hamza are going on an adventure in April and will travel across Zambia to show you how the EU is helping Zambians all across the country. They wish to show you how exciting Zambia is for travelers and how far they will get by exploring.


Cristina and Pema are two passionate storytellers that will travel together to Bhutan in May 2020. They will report on the impact of development projects on local communities. Cristina has done photography and video projects on women's empowerment in India and refugees in Athens and Paris, and she also has experience in policy analysis on gender and conflict. Pema is from Bhutan where she started Yeewong, the first women's magazine and travel channel where she shares inspiring stories coming from local Bhutanese. Follow their journey off the beaten path to Bhutan!

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