Stories to tell

Our Faces2Hearts vloggers travel to faraway places in Africa, Asia and Latin America to tell stories of the locals that have never been told before.

Their goal is to bring these people and their amazing lives closer to your hearts. Stay tuned!

Faces2Hearts suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to suspend the Faces2Hearts trips until the circumstances are safer for travellers in general. As part of the campaign, four of the vloggers (Ludovico and Hamza, and Cristina and Pema) were scheduled to go to Zambia and Bhutan in April and May respectively. Their visits to these countries aimed at discovering and reporting on development projects funded by the European Union, which is working closely with communities in both Zambia and Bhutan to help create a better future for people living there. The trips will now be postponed until further notice. We will update you as soon as there are any new developments. In the meantime, you can still watch the latest episodes of the Faces2Hearts adventure here.

Take care and stay safe!

The Faces2Hearts team

Duo of the month

Sierra Leone

Kirstie and Esteban are traveling to Sierra Leone in March. Esteban is a filmmaker from Spain and Kirstie is a North Carolina born writer based in Sweden. They have both done a lot of travelling, but neither of them has ever visited Africa… That is, until now! Next year, they are heading to Sierra Leone for the visual storytelling adventure of a lifetime. Join them in March 2020 as they explore amazing landscapes, experience a different culture, face new challenges, and meet inspiring people. They can’t wait to share all of their stories from the road with you!

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